The purpose of CS-ED.org is to provide software tools to promote communication and collaboration between researchers, practioners, and students in the computer science education community. Any and all are welcome to participate; to do so, please contact admin at cs-ed.org or any of the participants.

Communication, Collaboration, and Resources

To facilitate building an online community, we have chosen to focus on providing tools for communication, collaboration, and gathering and identification of resources.

[ Communication ] To facilitate communication and dissemination of work in progress, we have chosen to use the weblog, or blog, as our framework for writing online. This online journal of effort allows for presentation of nascent ideas and rapid feedback from peers.

[ Collaboration ] Online discussion is carried out through the use of the Wiki, an old but effective tool for managing organic discussions on the WWW. This forum provides a loose framework for collaborating on ideas that may spring from the more rigid weblog framework.

[ Resources ] Lastly, we hope to build an online directory of resources available to the computer science education researcher, both online and off. Tools to maintain this distributed collection of resources are under development.

Please, join us.